Breed – Dachshunds
Gender – M
Age – 15 and 13
Can live with cats – Not tested
Can live with other dogs – Y
Can live with children – Older sensible ones


These two dear sweet older gentlemen came to us in a terrible state of neglect.  They were starved almost to the point of death – they were skeletons covered in sparse, staring fur.  Woody had a few rotten teeth and several fistulas – holes eaten by rot through the upper jaw and into his nasal cavity.  Red had one large fistula where his front teeth should be, and no lower jawbone at all.  Their claws were curling into their pads and they were riddled with fleas.  They were extremely weak and could barely potter.

Despite everything they had endured the boys were so loving and affectionate.  They are so very special – we knew it would be a long road to recovery for them, but we had to try.

The boys have been on multiple small meals per day to build them back up.  They are now up to their proper body weight – they have done incredibly well.  They remain the dear souls they have always been – Red is quite lively!  Woody prefers a slow potter but he is enjoying his life.

Now that the boys have recovered their strength we need to see what can be done to heal their mouths.  Woody in particular shows that his mouth bothers him although he is on pain relief to keep him as comfortable as possible.  Surgery is risky in older dogs, particularly for frail old Woody, but he cannot stay as he is.   They are soon to go for light anaesthetic for x rays to establish the full state of their jaws so that we can go from there; Woody will have his teeth removed at the same time as they bother him too much to leave them.  They are very loose so hopefully will come out easily.

Woody and Red are not available for adoption at present.