Say “cheese” Twinkle!

Breed – Chihuahua
Gender – F
Age – 8
Neutered – Y
Vaccinated – Y
Can live with cats – Y
Can live with other dogs – Y
Can live with children – Y

Twinkle is a delightful easy little girl who would be happy in most households.  She always looks like she is smiling – which just about sums up her personality!  She currently lives with other small dogs with no issues, and is used to children.

Twinkle came in with bad teeth and has just had a dental.  She does have luxating patellas (slipping kneecaps) in both legs, and will need operations to correct this before she leaves us.  She is rather overweight and is currently on a diet – its important that her weight is kept low to avoid strain on her knees.

We would consider rehoming her before her knees are fixed, if the adopter is local and can have this done under our own vet.

Twinkle is currently in foster in Emsworth, Hampshire.