Breed – Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and Bichon Frise
Gender – F (Tia) and M (Kenzo)
Age – 6 (Tia) and 14 (Kenzo)
Neutered – Y (both)
Vaccinated – Y (both)
Can live with cats – N
Can live with other dogs – Y
Can live with children – Y – older ones

Tia is a lovely waggy friendly girl, who loves everybody in typical cavalier fashion!  She loves food, cuddles and playtime.  She loves children, and gets on fine with all other dogs – she is such a happy girl.  She came into rescue very overweight, and needs someone who is committed to helping her to rediscover her lost waistline!

Kenzo adores Tia, and is lost without her.  This adorable pair are looking for a home together where Kenzo can live out his twilight years, for however long he has left.  Kenzo is just as cuddly and loving as Tia, but can be grumbly if picked up when he doesnt want to be – even though he often needs help to get on the sofa or up and down stairs, he’s an independent chap who thinks he is quite capable of going it alone!  Kenzo still enjoys his walks but does sometimes need a carry home.

Tia and Kenzo are in foster near Southampton.