Breed – Bichon cross
Gender – M
Age – 4
Can live with cats – N
Can live with other dogs – Y
Can live with children – Y 8 plus


Sparx is a cuddly bear of a dog who just loves adventures!  Yes he does love to cuddle up with you; but there is far more to him than a lapdog.

Sparx is an active lad – he loves to run and play, and get absolutely filthy given half a chance – be prepared for bathtime!  Luckily he’s good as gold about being groomed.  He’s very clever, and loves to learn new things – if you’re into doggy agility, doggy dancing, trick training or just plain like teaching new games, Sparx is your boy.

Sparx’s cleverness is actually his downfall – if he gets bored he will try to steal your possessions and he will guard them.  Its very easily managed by calling him away from them and giving him something of his own to play with, but he will choose to pinch your things if he’s allowed to!  His favourites are phones, ipads and tv remote controls – since humans set such store by the things, they must be high value, right?

Sparx can happily live with other dogs, but no cats or small furries please.  Due to his resource guarding habit, any children in the home must be old enough to understand that he is likely to help himself to their things if left around for him, and how to get them back!

If you’re interested in offering Sparx a home, please fill out the form below.  Homecheck and £225 adoption donation will apply, and you must be able to visit him in his foster home.