Breed – Old English Bulldog x Staffy x Rottweiler
Gender – M
Age – 10 weeks
Can live with cats – Y
Can live with other dogs – Y
Can live with children – Yes 8 plus


Look at this face!  Those puppydog eyes, those loveable wrinkles!  This boy is a lively bundle of fun who’s into everything.  Life is all about fun, sleep, cuddles and exploring his world.

All that said – please read the next part of Scooby’s profile carefully.  Adorable as he is, puppies are a lot of hard work.  Scooby will pee and poo on your carpets until he’s fully housetrained.  He will chew your furniture, your shoes, and probably your children!  Puppies explore their world with their mouths, and those little teeth are sharp.

Right now, Scooby is a little puppy.  In the fullness of time he will grow into a big powerful handsome dog.  To become a well rounded adult he will need proper socialisation and training.  He’ll need to be neutered when he’s old enough and he’s going to be a big boy – he’ll cost a lot to feed.

We will only consider homes for Scooby where there is an adult at home most of the time, and where any children are over the age of 8 – pretty soon he’s going to be a big bouncy boy who would knock little ones for six!  You’ll be able to show experience of raising and training puppies, particularly large breeds, and you’ll have a garden for him to play in.  If you think you can offer Scooby the life he deserves please fill in the application form below.

Homecheck and £300 adoption donation will apply, and you’ll be able to visit Scooby in his foster home in Poole.