Breed – Bichon Frise
Gender – F
Age – 4
Neutered – Y
Vaccinated – Y
Can live with cats – Y but is nervous of them
Can live with other dogs – Y
Can live with children – Y

Saffy came to us with Eva, but on careful consideration we have decided to rehome them seperately.  When she is with Eva, Saffy is very dependent and wants to be with Eva constantly – on her own, she blossoms into a loving, cuddly affectionate little dog who adores people and loves cuddles.

Saffy is a little less confident than Eva, but isnt really a nervous dog.  She will bark at large dogs but isnt actually afraid of them.  She would be best as an only dog to ensure that she continues to grow into her own personality.  She would like a quieter home.  She could live with cats, but is scared of them!  She is lovely with children.

Saffy is in foster near Andover

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