Breed – Cavalier King Charles Spaniel cross
Gender – F
Age – 16 months
Neutered – N
Vaccinated – Y
Can live with cats – Y
Can live with other dogs – Y – small ones
Can live with children – Y – older sensible children only

Honey is a shy girl at first, but soon wants to be friends.  She’s an active, clever little girl and loves to run, play ball, and learn new things.  She is afraid of loud noises, and needs time to understand what they are.

Honey would happily live with a doggy friend, but would prefer small dogs as she is a little overwhelmed by larger ones.  She can live with dog savvy cats – if they run she will chase, but in play only; there is no malice in her.  If a cat stands its ground she will stop and greet respectfully.

Honey doesnt like to be left alone too much, so is looking for a home where someone will be with her most of the time.  As she is timid and afraid of loud noises and sudden movement, a quieter home with no very young children will be needed for her.