Breed – Chihuahua
Gender – M
Age – 3
Can live with cats – Y
Can live with other dogs – Y small ones
Can live with children – Y (over 8 years old)


Coco is a beautiful boy with the most amazing ears!  He is one of three chihuahuas that came to us when the owners young son developed severe allergies.  Coco is the shyest of the three.  Given a little time to assess new people and new situations, he is a happy, sweet-natured, loving little lad who loves  tummy tickles, and cuddles.

In the home Coco is gaining confidence every day, but outside he is very worried, and really doesnt enjoy his walks at the moment.  We’re teaching him that the big wide world really isnt such a scary place.

Coco would be happy to live with another small dog, especially one that will play with him – big dogs are just too scary for him.  He is used to living with cats too.  He doesnt mind children but given his lack of confidence we would ask that any children are 8 +, so that they can respect his need to take things a little slowly at first.