Breed – Chihuahua
Gender – M
Age – approx 6 months
Neutered – N
Vaccinated – N
Can live with cats – Y
Can live with other dogs – Y
Can live with children – N

Chip has had a rough time in his short life, as his original owners didnt really understand the needs of a tiny dog.  He’s incredibly sweet and loving, but also very nervous – so no young children for him.  He has a real fear of having his lead put on and taken off and will bite in fear.  Once its on he is fine, enjoys his walks and trots along quite happily – its the process of attaching or removing it that worries him so much.

Chip currently appears to have retained testicles; either that or he is much younger than we were led to believe – which his why his age is an estimate only, until our vet can tell us more.  As he is so nervous of strangers we are letting him settle in foster before subjecting him to a vet visit.

Chip is in foster near Lucker, Northumberland.