Breed – Labrador
Gender – M
Age – 9
Can live with cats – Y
Can live with other dogs – Y
Can live with children – Y


Frosty face Charlie may be an older boy, but he still has plenty of love to give, and a personality larger than life!  He’s a typical happy lab boy, always ready with a smiley face and a wagging tail – and usually with a present for you in his mouth!  He’s as good as gold on lead – he does like to help you carry his lead, because he is such a helpful boy.  He is well behaved and well mannered and loves his toys, which he’s happy to share.

Charlie can live happily with other dogs, children, and even cats – but he does have one or two bad habits. He’s quite frankly greedy!  He will steal food whenever possible so it has to be securely put away, preferably up high because he knows quite well how to get into cupboards.  As a result of his love of food he’s very overweight.  Now his food is restricted to his proper meals and he’s getting regular exercise the weight is steadily coming off, but he’ll need an owner who is willing to maintain his weight loss – and keep those tempting morsels right out of his way!  As a result of his love of the good things in life, Charlie must be fed separately from other dogs in the home.

Although Charlie is happy with other dogs and loves to play with them, he has on a few occasions nipped his humans if he doesnt think he’s getting his fair share of attention.  There is no malice in this, but its not a desirable behaviour, and one we are currently training him out of.  The circumstances are always the same – another dog is receiving fuss and cuddles in front of him, and he thinks he should have all the attention!  Its very easily stopped and we can provide advice on this if there is a resident dog in the home.  If rehomed as an only dog there will be no issue – the behaviour wont arise.

Charlie has a few lumps and bumps, common in older dogs – they are fatty lumps and need no treatment at all.  He sometimes has trouble with his anal glands, and has a chew every day to help with this – other than this, he has no health concerns or joint issues.

If you would like to offer Charlie a home, please complete the adoption form below.  Homecheck and £225 adoption donation apply, and you’ll need to be able to visit Charlie in his foster home.