Breed – Jack Russell x Yorkie
Gender – M
Age – 2
Can live with cats – N
Can live with other dogs – Y with suitable introductions.  Prefers females.
Can live with children – Y – over 8 years old


This likely lad is Buster, who absolutely loves people!  He’ll smother you in kisses, and he loves a cuddle.  He’s a lovely character, happy and lively and full of charm.  He has lots of energy and will be seeking a home that can give him plenty of excercise and training.  He loves to learn new things, play, and have fun!

Buster came to us as he was scheduled to be put to sleep after nipping a child.  The circumstances were not Buster’s fault, but having done this once, we will not consider a placement with very young children for him.

Buster has in the past been unpredictable with other dogs, particularly males; but is currently in foster with a mixed group of dogs with no issues at all – he loves to play with them.

Buster cannot live with cats or small furries under any circumstances.