Breed – Chihuahuas
Gender – M (Jasper) and F (Bibi)
Age – 4
Neutered – Y
Vaccinated – Y
Can live with cats – Y
Can live with other dogs – Y
Can live with children – Y older only

Jasper and Bibi are a brother and sister pair – Jasper is the chocolate and tan, and Bibi the black and tan.  They are a delightful pair of lapdogs who really just want love and cuddles.  They still enjoy their walks though!

This pair are well behaved and a real joy to have around.  They are looking for a home together – they have always lived together and we will not separate them.  Any children in the home must be older, due to the very small size of these two dogs – they are tiny size chihuahuas, and could easily be accidentally hurt by a small child.  They get on well with other dogs, and ignore cats.